Why You Want a Big Book Publisher to Reject Your Book

If you want to publish a book, publish it yourself. If you’re not famous you’ll have to anyway—and if you are famous, you’d be fourteen kinds of dense not to. [Read more…]

What Book Publishers Want Most, But Can’t Have

A continuation of the conversation I started with yesterday’s My New Book Has Taken Over My Head. Here are a few random thoughts floating through my head as I take a break this morning from working on my new book: What kind of stupid business am I in, anyway? Giving your book to an agent, so [Read More…]

My New Book Has Taken Over My Head

What I should do is kill this blog. It’s about my only hope for finishing the book I’m now writing, which is so important to me I can’t think about anything else anyway. Then again, stop blogging? Nayeth! I sayeth unto your eyeballs. The working title of my new book is All In … Almost: [Read More…]

Why A Book Proposal Is Everything

If you’re just joining us, see How To Write A Book Proposal, Part 1. Even though this post should be called, “How To Write A Book Proposal, Part 2,” I changed it to, “Why A Book Proposal Is Everything,” because … well, because “why?” most naturally comes before “how”? Sorry for not thinking of that sooner. [Read More…]

A bit about book proposals

I just finished and sent to my agent a book proposal. So now I have book proposals on my mind. How fascinating, I know. Actually, because I am a very famous writer known far and wide throughout my apartment complex, people very often ask me why I’m staring into their window how to do a [Read More…]

Blogger lagger, I (and a little about book publishing)

You know how my blogs are always really funny, or really profound, or really both? Isnt’ that great? Don’t you just love that? Yeah–that won’t be happening today. In fact, this right here is the only blog I’ll be posting today. Why, you ask? (You did, too. You know you did. Don’t deny it. I [Read More…]