Twelve Years of Rejected Short Stories, And Then This!

The other day I found on my Facebook page a brief supportive note from a woman whose name, Elaine Liner, I failed to place. Later that day it popped into my head: she was the woman who, in 1991, had published one of my short stories. I have no idea what the state is today [Read More…]

An interview about my book “I’m OK — You’re Not.”

Below is an interview done with me by upon the publication of I’m OK. What’s the main message of “I’m OK–You’re Not: The Message We’re Sending Nonbelievers and Why We Should Stop”? John Shore: It’s that endeavoring to fulfill the Great Commission with people who haven’t first asked to hear about Christ necessarily [Read More…]

My Runaway Mom

One minute you have a mother (and a father, for that matter), and the next moment you don’t. Life can be funny that way. [Read more…]

My Breakfast With My Christian Book Agent

In which I pitch to my agent two SUPERB ideas for Christian books: “The Shaq,” and “The Porpoise Driven Life.” Is he lucky to have me, or WHAT? [Read more…]

My Bloggy Schizophrenia

Some of you were wondering why for a bit there I changed the name of this blog from “Suddenly Christian” to “” The more attentive among you may have caught the moment or two when the blog was named “Jerry Lewis’s Head Wax.” Did anyone catch when it was “Dented Gopher”? “Range Free Mutants”? “Fireballs [Read More…]

The Books On My Bedside Table

I got so excited discovering what books were on everyone else’s bed-stands (see My Weird Fixation on What People Read at Night) that I forgot to list what books are on my own. They are, right now: “In the Compny of Cheerful Ladies” (#6 in the awesome “The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency” series) by [Read More…]

My Weird Fixation On What People Read at Night

When it comes to people, I’m Joe Extremely Nosey; the only superpower I’ve ever craved is the ability to secretly listen in on people’s conversations. But do I care what anyone has hidden in their sock drawer, or whether they’re having an affair, or anything of that sort? No; that stuff bores me. What I’m [Read More…]

Overcoming The Harsh Realities of Book Publishing

On Saturday, September 26, I’ll be conducting a workshop at the annual San Diego Christian Writers Guild  conference entitled “Overcoming The Harsh Realities of Publishing.” Since most of the conference attendees will be curious about getting published in the Christian book market, I’m sure its the “harsh realities” of that realm of publishing I’ll be expected to [Read More…]

Where Does God Being Love Leave Us? (And Get Back Here, Atheists!)

“God is Love.” Great! It’s the richest philosophical/religious proposition possible. What it means to us Christians, though, is that (what with our being made in God’s image, and all) we, too, are supposed to be All Love All the Time. Not so great. Instant fail. Because who can be about love all the time? Life is hard—and [Read More…]

Why A Book Proposal Is Everything

If you’re just joining us, see How To Write A Book Proposal, Part 1. Even though this post should be called, “How To Write A Book Proposal, Part 2,” I changed it to, “Why A Book Proposal Is Everything,” because … well, because “why?” most naturally comes before “how”? Sorry for not thinking of that sooner. [Read More…]