Listen to God; Screw the Rest

You and God are co-stars in the only reality show you (or, surprise, He) will ever really care about. Screw the rest. [Read more…]

One Woman’s Conversion Experience (While Driving!)

A woman tells the story of her sudden conversion experience–which happened while she was driving her car. [Read more…]

If Your Family Has Attitudes This Time of Year, Use the Beatitudes to Stay in Good Cheer

Dreading upcoming family gatherings for the holidays? This reading of the Beatitudes just might quell your attitudes. [Read more…]

What Non-Christians Want Christians To Hear

Here’s a small sampling of the responses I got when I asked non-Christians about being on the receiving end of the efforts of Christian evangelicals to convert them. [Read more…]

The Comfort of the Cross

Here are six truths about suffering—and four steps to relieve it—that should prove comforting to any Christian in pain: God didn’t cause our suffering. God never, ever wants us to suffer. He hates it when we hurt. But we must sometimes hurt, because pain is an unavoidable part of the human legacy, period. God could [Read More…]

On the Christian’s Natural Sense of Superiority

Being close to God is something to be grateful for, not proud of. [Read more…]

An Atheist (And Her Atheist Husband) Visit Her Evangelical Family

Dear John [a woman wrote me yesterday], I’m an atheist who was raised in the Bible Belt. I’ve come out as an atheist to most of my family, but many of them are in denial about it; they think it’s just a phase that I’m going through (even though it started when I was a [Read More…]

Doubting Christ, Young Christian? Have At It!

Yesterday I received from a young man the following email: I was raised in the church, and have always believed in Jesus Christ. I have just returned from a month touring Europe with my two buddies, and since we’ve gotten back I’ve been feeling further from God than I’ve ever felt in my life. A [Read More…]

Anne Rice: “I Quit Being a Christian!” Yaaaaawn.

As you’ve likely heard, renowned author of novels about vampires Anne Rice has boldly declared that she is no longer a Christian. On her Facebook page yesterday she wrote, Today I quit being a Christian. I’m out. I remain committed to Christ as always but not to being “Christian” or to being part of Christianity. [Read More…]

Does God Control or Persuade? (And Is His Future What We Make It?)

Remember my post “Waffles?” Me neither. Weirdly enough, hitting my blog’s “Publish” button triggers a corresponding “Delete” function to go off in my head: on my blog means out of my memory. But I see that “Waffles” generated 135 comments, so it must be awesome. My guess is the hot picture of Virginia Woolf is [Read More…]