Woman having affair with her pastor’s wife: “I ended it.” Chalk up 3 more lives decimated by anti-gay “Christianity.”

How wonderful to be straight, and by that fact alone deserve God’s favor! Meanwhile, year in and year out, gay kids commit suicide at three times the rate of straight kids. [Read more…]

Christians in love with non-Christians (and their Christian “friends” who object)

I recently got in this letter: Hey John, I am a Christian young woman engaged to a non-Christian. It is not an ideal situation and I have been reading and praying about it a lot. [Read more…]

If “Submit” Isn’t the Right Word for Christian Wives, What Is?

This past Sunday I went to a meeting of a church men’s group. The group was in session #20 (!) of a series it was doing called (something like) “Finding Your Authentic Manhood.” Just before offering my idea about exactly where each man in the room could find his authentic manhood, it occurred to me [Read More…]

Should a Christian Marry a Non-Christian?

A 23-year-old Christian woman wrote to ask what I thought about her dating a non-Christian: It’s a problem plaguing my life [she wrote]. This man treats me like a queen. I just want to talk to him all the time and blah blah gush gush so forth. The problem is that he is not a Christian, [Read More…]