Why Hasn’t HuffPo and/or Crosswalk.com Fired Me?

Yesterday, on fan page ala’ moi, one Michael Haberlein posted this: Hey John! I have a question: I have listened to you online on the radio station in Pittsburgh [WORD-FM 101.5] and just read your article in Crosswalk.com. As the websites for both of those things look pretty Christian-conservative, I’m surprised that they let you [Read More…]

Comin’ Straight At Ya’ Through 50,000 Watts of Broadcasting Power, Baby: Me.

So today, whilst hunkered down in this new book I’m writing, I got an email that said … well, exactly this: Name: john hall Email: johnhall@wordfm.com Website: http://www.wordfm.com Hi John, [Read more…]