Listen to God; Screw the Rest

You and God are co-stars in the only reality show you (or, surprise, He) will ever really care about. Screw the rest. [Read more…]

Letter From an Atheist Man Married to a Christian Woman

What’s it like being an atheist man married to an atheist woman? [Read more…]

What Non-Christians Want Christians To Hear

Here’s a small sampling of the responses I got when I asked non-Christians about being on the receiving end of the efforts of Christian evangelicals to convert them. [Read more…]

When Pretty Women Dance

After the dinner I wrote a bit about in yesterday’s How I Got a Blog on Huffington Post (And Help Me Mooch Indian Food!), Cat, DR and I took a stroll down from where we’d eaten (being–for those who asked–George’s at the Cove) to this promenade: which runs between the ocean and this park: which looks [Read More…]

How I Got a Blog on Huffington Post (And Help Me Mooch Indian Food!)

Last night Cat and I had drinks and dinner with a new friend (DR!) at this place, if you can stand the ridiculous beauty of it. (Our Actual Table was the one to the right of the standing waiter with the blue shirt, where the four guys in sunglasses are playing Quick: Tell Us Apart.) [Read More…]

Does God Control or Persuade? (And Is His Future What We Make It?)

Remember my post “Waffles?” Me neither. Weirdly enough, hitting my blog’s “Publish” button triggers a corresponding “Delete” function to go off in my head: on my blog means out of my memory. But I see that “Waffles” generated 135 comments, so it must be awesome. My guess is the hot picture of Virginia Woolf is [Read More…]

What Am I Going to Do with You People?

I’m so confused. Today I was doing a fairly massive amount of writing about tithing. In the course of that work I wrote, If, as we have seen above, Paul makes a strong case for believers giving to the church, Jesus Christ makes an even stronger case for believers giving to the poor. [Read more…]

Christians: Are We Cool with Transylvanians?

(This is a follow-up to yesterday’s “Christians: Are We Cool with Transvestites?”) Before I became a Christian, it never even occurred to me that there might be anything morally suspect about being a Transylvanian. Oh sure, I knew TV’s were different. The jet-black hair, slicked back on the men like style desperados hording the last of [Read More…]

“What’s Wrong With Dressing Sexy?”

An earnest-sounding young Christian woman wrote to ask me why she shouldn’t “dress sexy” if she feels like it. “Why not?” she wrote. “We’re not living in the time of the Puritans anymore. I should be able to dress in whatever way makes me feel good.” [Read more…]

The Restoration of John Shore

As you may already know, charismatic Christian (and apparent long-time tax evader) Stephen Baldwin has put up (or at least presumably sanctioned) a website called The Restoration of Stephen Baldwin. I have put up one called The Restoration of John Shore. You decide which is more credible. (You can vote either at “The Restoration of [Read More…]