What Obama Looks Like In Hillary’s Dreams

This is: A. How Hillary Clinton sees Barack Obama: cute; makes everyone feel good; lacks legs; B. The star of the new Pixar movie: “Smerdly, the Littlest Nose Picker” C. A lot less fun to step on than you’d think D. A Venusian who’s polite enough not to point E. The result of a date gone terribly wrong [Read More…]

What Hillary Looks Like In Obama’s Dreams

This is: A. What Hillary Clinton looks like in Barack Obama’s dreams B. Batman in his much, much later years C. The love child of E. T. and Liza Minnelli D. The pet mouse of Barry Bonds E. Me, suffering God’s punishment for making jokes at the expense of others F. Satan’s little bundle of joy, Beelzebubby G. [Read More…]