Protection from a witness program

Shame on this Christian—and on any Christian who does what he did. [Read more…]

An interview about my book “I’m OK — You’re Not.”

Below is an interview done with me by upon the publication of I’m OK. What’s the main message of “I’m OK–You’re Not: The Message We’re Sending Nonbelievers and Why We Should Stop”? John Shore: It’s that endeavoring to fulfill the Great Commission with people who haven’t first asked to hear about Christ necessarily [Read More…]

How Is “Convert, You Sinner!” Loving?

There’s just no way, “I love you; now completely change” is a good message to send. [Read more…]


I’m sorry, but I’ve had to temporarily unpublish this piece–the one about evangelizing. In the forthcoming week I’ll totally explain why. Much love! And, again, sorry for any inconvenience. I’ve really been enjoying the entirely excellent comments to this post. Really good stuff. [Read more…]

Can the Christian and Muslim Both Be Right?

In yesterday’s Religious Tolerance: Lack of Conviction, or World’s Only Hope? I asserted that ultimately the only hope for mankind is if everyone who fervently believes in their religion “adheres to their belief the idea that just because something is right for them doesn’t mean it must be right for everyone else.” This idea—that the [Read More…]

I, a Christian, Admit It: Atheists Have Been Right All Along

Finally, the truth can be told: all we Christians are, in fact, ignorant, narrow-minded, self-righteous, intolerant, intrusive, hypocritical, fear-driven, gay-hating misogynists. [Read more…]

The U.S. Christian Community Finally Returns My Calls!

After I posted yesterday’s Why Won’t the U.S. Christian Community Return My Phone Calls?, my phone rang. It was them! Here’s how my conversation with the U.S. Christian Community went: My phone: Ring. Ring. Ri— Me: Hello? U.S. Christian Community: Is this John Shore? Me: Who wants to know? [Read more…]

Evangelist or Ego-Driven Meddler?

If you’re a Christian driven to evangelize, beware of the devilishly smooth transition between glorifying God and glorifying yourself. It’s a seamless slide from “God is good! Let him save you!” to “God and I are good! Let us save you!” The moment you begin to proselytize to a person, you will likely catch a [Read More…]

Are The Great Commandment and The Great Commission Incompatible?

I have a question I’d like you to consider. I raise it because yesterday I was interviewed about this very question by Jim Burns for his nationally syndicated radio program, HomeWord with Jim Burns, who was talking with me about my book, I’m Okay-You’re Not. The question I explore in I’m OK—and the one I’d [Read More…]