Married and Facebooking an ex?

If you’re single, the question of whether or not it’s okay to be Facebook friends with an ex has a simple answer: Who cares? You’re single. If you want to make yesterday’s ex today’s next with a text, be my guext. The world is your accept button! But you married people know that being FB [Read More...]

Quotable Me

Last week someone told me they were going to put something I wrote in the “Favorite Quotations” part of their Facebook profile. “You’ll be right there between Rumi and Wayne Dyer!” enthused this FB-buddy. Who doesn’t like to be quoted? Not I. Then, two days ago, I thought, “Hey: I know! I’ll try Twittering again [Read More...]

Why Not “Facenewspaper” or “Facemagazine”?

I’m a word guy. I would be a thought guy, but that’s an insane amount of work. In my (faceless) book, style beats substance every time, because substance necessarily leads to responsibility, which necessarily leads to me putting in earplugs and pantomiming that I can’t hear anything being said. Hey, it’s a lifestyle. Don’t judge. [Read More...]