Why Not “Facenewspaper” or “Facemagazine”?

I’m a word guy. I would be a thought guy, but that’s an insane amount of work. In my (faceless) book, style beats substance every time, because substance necessarily leads to responsibility, which necessarily leads to me putting in earplugs and pantomiming that I can’t hear anything being said. Hey, it’s a lifestyle. Don’t judge. [Read More…]

A (Woefully Naive) Reader Asks: “Aren’t Famous People Just Like Everyone Else?”

Today’s question (“Why does everyone go nuts over famous people, when they’re just like non-famous ones?”) was sent to me from a reader with the fun and pretty name of Latoya. Latoya is from Jamaica. Latoya: Even if you hadn’t told me you were from Jamaica, I would have known that you were from some [Read More…]