The Great Escape

As a kid I lived right across the street from a school for mentally handicapped kids. I used to watch them playing during their recess while I was washing dishes. It was a pretty regular routine: I’d come home from school, make Kraft Cheese and Macaroni, scarf while watching Bugs Bunny cartoons, and while washing [Read More…]

Oscy Gets a Life

In response to yesterday’s Father’s Day is Coming; My Father’s Night is Here, I’ve been getting some of the kindest emails and comments ever. So I definitely appreciate that. I don’t know if this is the sort of thing you guys would be interested in, but about three years ago on this blog I published [Read More…]

The Winner of The First Annual John Shore 10-Word Short Story Contest

First of all, let me just say that if you submitted a story to our contest, you are a winner. Yes, your story not winning means that technically you’re a loser. But just the fact that you entered at all means that you’re someone who is entirely confident they can count to ten. Not everyone [Read More…]

Update on 10-Word Short Story Contest

Midnight last night this morning six hours ago marked the deadline for entries in the First Annual John Shore 10-Word Short Story Contest. Three hundred fifty stories. One prize. Two books. One the latest novel from contest co-judge and bestselling author Jacquelyn Mitchard. The other written by me. Has this nail-biting, finger-dinting contest allowed anyone [Read More…]

Announcing The First Annual John Shore 10-Word Short Story Contest

[Update: Bestselling author Jacquelyn Mitchard is now helping to judge this contest.] Recently I spotted this for-sale ad on Craigslist: “Nike Triax c3 heart rate monitor and watch, used one time only.” Which of course brought to mind Hemingway’s famous six-word story, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Thinking I can’t be the only person [Read More…]

My Life as a Major Criminal, Pt. 2

[This is part two of day-before-yesterday’s My Life as a Major Criminal.] “Almost time,” Ben whispered to me at 2:50 p.m. Ben was literally my partner in crime. If I was Clyde, Ben was Bonny, except he would look terrible in a dress. But to pull off a caper Ben would put on a dress [Read More…]

My Life as a Major Criminal

It was a plan of monumental audacity. Its success would bring to its knees the all-powerful institution that existed for no reason but to systematically crush our spirits. Its failure would leave me so screwed I’d have to change my name to Flathead Phillips. It was absurd to think a crime so vast and intricate [Read More…]

The Story of My Life

We’ve all got our stories. Here’s a really weird version of mine. [Read more…]

A Painful Memory

So lately I’ve been getting much e-love from across the blogosphere. A beautiful thing, indeed. Makes me feel like I have friends. And with your friends, of course, you tend to share things that you wouldn’t normally share with others — personal, painful-type things. Things that happened to you when you were a kid. Speaking [Read More…]

The Smiling Bird

Young Benny Horton sat in the cavernous living room of a luxurious high-rise apartment on a round, backless white couch with a giant white button in its middle. It was 1959. Men wore hats. Women had big hair. People wore sunglasses, and smiled an awful lot. In the room with Benny was Benny’s mom, Mom. [Read More…]