The tragedy of Christian fundamentalism strikes again

His sister became a toxic fundamentalist Christian. Now what? [Read more…]

Pastor calls his Christian teenage son “disgraceful, demon-possessed poison.” Guess why.

I’ve been trying for hours to think of how to respond to the poor young person who wrote me the letter below. Usually I tell teens in this situation to simply lie to their parents: say you’re straight; smile a lot; get what love from them you can; get out. I advise this because I know [Read More…]

The fundamentally toxic Christianity

There is no Christianity more toxic or abusive than that practiced by the 8-million strong Independent Fundamental Baptists cult. [Read more…]

The Fearsome Song of the True Believer

I believe that my beliefs about the qualities and nature of God are absolutely, 100% correct. I just don’t think that what I think about God is correct. I know that it is. I know it with everything in my being. True knowledge of the true God is a crucible consuming all but what it [Read More…]

Those Ignorant, Laughable Fundamentalists. Right?

I just got in a comment to yesterday’s  A Christian Reader Asks: “They’re Doing Yoga At My Job. Should I Join In?” I thought so interesting I wanted to bust it out here in its own post. Its writer linked to a blog called “Pearl of the Prairie,” which I assume is his/blog. Anyway, here’s what [Read More…]