Honorable Discourse!

Here are a few–though by no means all–highlights from the discussion that yesterday took place in the comments section of The Curse of the Crappy Christians: [Read more…]

Devout Gay Christians I’ve Known and Loved

An email reminds me of the fact that some of the most devout, biblically knowledgeable Christians I have ever known are gay. [Read more…]

Ten Ways Christians Tend to Fail at Being Christian

The essay is found in: Kindle Nook   [Read more…]

Top 10 Signs I Might Be Gay

1. If while talking I was ever forced to sit on my hands, it’s a certainty that within one minute I’d dislocate at least one of my shoulders. 2. I think Judy Garland is the greatest female singer in the history of women breaking the heart of the universe with the raw emotionalism and stunning [Read More…]

Do I Look Gayish to You?

So I’m sitting here this morning, idly munching my toast with peanut butter and banana (mmmm …. delicious toast with peanut butter and banana … ), when up popped a little message off my Facebook page. It said, “Zaneta M. Delgadillo just answered the question ‘Do you think John Shore is straight?’ [What Did Zaneta Say].” [Read More…]