Listen to God; Screw the Rest

You and God are co-stars in the only reality show you (or, surprise, He) will ever really care about. Screw the rest. [Read more…]

Agnosticism: The perfect answer that can’t deliver

As a rational response to the question of God, agnosticism is unassailable stance. So then why are there so few agnostics? [Read more…]

If Your Family Has Attitudes This Time of Year, Use the Beatitudes to Stay in Good Cheer

Dreading upcoming family gatherings for the holidays? This reading of the Beatitudes just might quell your attitudes. [Read more…]

The Joy of Hell

Without hell, what would be left of Christianity? [Read more…]

Constantly Living the Great Commandment is Impossible — And That’s Okay

We simply cannot love God all of the time in the kind of all-consuming way prescribed by the Great Commandment. And God doesn’t expect us to. [Read more…]

Should I Feel Remorse Over My Pre-Christian Sinning?

Lately I’ve been getting some advice to the effect that I should condemn and repent of the sinning that I did before I was a Christian. That’s never before occurred to me as something about which I should be even vaguely concerned. In my teenage-to-early-adulthood years, I smoked a lot of weed, had sex with [Read More…]

Speaking of Depression and Prayer (on the Radio…)

Today at 5:10 EST I’ll be on The John and Kathy Show, on 101.5 FM Pittsburgh. (You can listen to it live online.) We’ll be discussing what I touched on a bit with my post, “Praying When You Have Low Self-Esteem.” I’m looking forward to this chat, because … well, here’s what I just wrote [Read More…]

Sarah Palin and Lady Gaga: What They Have in Common, and Why (Hallelujah!) They’re Both Right

[Update: Just to be clear—because there seems to be some misunderstanding about this, for which I’m happy to take full responsibility—this piece is in no way meant as a commentary on either the political message of Sarah Palin, or the music of Lady Gaga. It’s simply a look at what I believe to be the [Read More…]

Praying When You Have Low Self-Esteem

A thoughtful commenter to my post What Is Prayer? expressed his concern that he’s essentially not good enough to come to God with his problems and prayers. “God’s focus is deserved so much more by the millions with bigger issues [than mine],” he wrote. “Can anyone recommend a good book on the topic of prayer [Read More…]

Is It Our Fault That We Christians Think We’re Superior?

Ha, ha, ha. That joke title was just my way of saying, “I overdrank this weekend.” (I’m kidding. I didn’t.) But yes, now that you mention it, overdrank is a word. Well, it is now, anyway. If you keep up on the world of  book publishing, you know that with blinding speed the industry is [Read More…]