Protection from a witness program

Shame on this Christian—and on any Christian who does what he did. [Read more…]

What Non-Christians Want Christians To Hear

Here’s a small sampling of the responses I got when I asked non-Christians about being on the receiving end of the efforts of Christian evangelicals to convert them. [Read more…]

On the Christian’s Natural Sense of Superiority

Being close to God is something to be grateful for, not proud of. [Read more…]

An interview about my book “I’m OK — You’re Not.”

Below is an interview done with me by upon the publication of I’m OK. What’s the main message of “I’m OK–You’re Not: The Message We’re Sending Nonbelievers and Why We Should Stop”? John Shore: It’s that endeavoring to fulfill the Great Commission with people who haven’t first asked to hear about Christ necessarily [Read More…]

How Is “Convert, You Sinner!” Loving?

There’s just no way, “I love you; now completely change” is a good message to send. [Read more…]


I’m sorry, but I’ve had to temporarily unpublish this piece–the one about evangelizing. In the forthcoming week I’ll totally explain why. Much love! And, again, sorry for any inconvenience. I’ve really been enjoying the entirely excellent comments to this post. Really good stuff. [Read more…]

The One Thing I Dreaded Most About Becoming a Christian

When I very suddenly became a Christian, I was in a supply closet at my job. By the time I was coming out of that closet (har! okay, grow up) — and I mean the exact thought that very strongly came to me as I was turning the doorknob that would lead me back out [Read More…]

From Station WGOD: Love, Love Me Do

The other day a reader wrote me the following: “John, would you comment on something I heard last night at church, which is that God uses people to deliver messages? The idea is that the delivery is usually made by someone who has no clue what the message means, to someone who is desperate for the message. [Read More…]

Can the Christian and Muslim Both Be Right?

In yesterday’s Religious Tolerance: Lack of Conviction, or World’s Only Hope? I asserted that ultimately the only hope for mankind is if everyone who fervently believes in their religion “adheres to their belief the idea that just because something is right for them doesn’t mean it must be right for everyone else.” This idea—that the [Read More…]

The U.S. Christian Community Finally Returns My Calls!

After I posted yesterday’s Why Won’t the U.S. Christian Community Return My Phone Calls?, my phone rang. It was them! Here’s how my conversation with the U.S. Christian Community went: My phone: Ring. Ring. Ri— Me: Hello? U.S. Christian Community: Is this John Shore? Me: Who wants to know? [Read more…]