And the Difference Between Life and Halloween Is?

Ah, Halloween. The name is derived from the Latin word hollow—meaning temporary, fleeting—and ween, as in, “How are we gonna ween our kids off all that sugar?” So we combine “fleeting sensations” with “how will this ever end?,” and what do we have? But of course: life itself. [Read more…]

Why Won’t the U.S. Christian Community Return My Phone Calls?

In which I answer the question a Jamaican reader asks me about how the U.S. Christian community views Halloween. [Read more…]

Life is Halloween

The similarities between life and Halloween pretty much never stop. [Read more…]

The Cheapest Halloween Costume Ideas EVER

For those of you who don’t subscribe to my Twitter feed or visit me on Facebook, below is this … weird little burst of costume ideas I posted on Twitter this morning. I’m sure I’ll be adding to these throughout the day, since I can tell my brain has snapped into “This is fun! Let’s [Read More…]