On Facebook, Where Do You Draw the Line With An Ex?

So recently (with Is It EVER Okay To Be Facebook Friends With an Ex? and The Radical Immaturity of True Romantic Love), we’ve had some fun (and even a little drama!) talking about whether or not a married person should ever be Facebook friends with an ex. I asserted that Facebook-friending an ex is never [Read More…]

The Radical Immaturity of True Romantic Love

To the question I posed yesterday—Is It EVER Okay to Be Facebook Friends With an Ex?—I caught a flurry of protestations for answering an unqualified “no.” In general, the arguments proffered by those claiming that it is okay for a husband or wife to maintain, via Facebook, actively open lines of communication with one or [Read More…]

How To Win Every Argument With Your Wife

Wives: Please don’t read this. There’s nothing here for you to learn. Thank you very much. Husbands: As you know, arguing is a big part of being married. The main thing about an argument with your wife is that you never want to lose one. Losing an argument makes you look stupid. Besides, would you have [Read More…]