A Complete Liberal Arts Education in 800 Words

Are you a college student taking either a History of Literature class, or Western Philosophy 101? Great! Because below is all you need to know for those two classes. Don’t forget me later, when you’ve landed a great job due to your sweet, sweet education. History of Literature The Odyssey: A hairy guy who yells [Read More…]

VOGUE Knitting

This morning I learned that there’s a magazine called VOGUEknitting. For the benefit of other magazines who might also be looking to reach audiences one might not naturally associate with them, might I suggest these other specialty ancillary issues? [Read more…]

“Eat Pray Love”: Boring; Boring; an Elephant With Mange

Poor Dumbo. And the elephant isn’t looking all that great, either.  Here are the five main reasons for which I found the movie Eat Pray Love unbelievably unwatchable: 1. The Julia Roberts character is so shallow you couldn’t drown a cat in it. First Liz (Julia Roberts) divorces her husband (Billy Crudup), for virtually no [Read More…]

Taste-Testing Starbucks’ New Non-Coffee Coffee

It’s not enough that here in San Diego we have miles upon miles of some of the most beautiful beaches and coastal lands in the world, along with weather so perfect I’m already preparing to be disappointed by the climate in heaven. “Pffft,” I’ll say as I stroll through the Pearly Gates. “You call this [Read More…]


Some of you have already seen these on my Facebook page; others of you wrote to ask if I’d in any way participated in the whole #Shakespalin phenomenon. I learned of the big Twitter fun yesterday afternoon as I was about to start making dinner, and naturally enough couldn’t resist taking a moment or two [Read More…]

Truth behind porno letter revealed

Proof that, when it comes to pornography, you can’t believe everything you read. [Read more…]

The Restoration of John Shore

As you may already know, charismatic Christian (and apparent long-time tax evader) Stephen Baldwin has put up (or at least presumably sanctioned) a website called The Restoration of Stephen Baldwin. I have put up one called The Restoration of John Shore. You decide which is more credible. (You can vote either at “The Restoration of [Read More…]

Rock-Munching Gull + Rocky the Plummeting Squirrel = ?

I’m sitting on the beach right now on my little fold-out, nylon-strapped chair, writing on my laptop. I’m feeling very Gilligan Goes Thoughtful. Very California Dreamin’. [Read more…]

Obama’s Response to “About Your SCROTUS, POTUS”

Imagine my surprise when I received the following e-mail from President Obama just moments ago: [Read more…]


From the New York Times: The announcement by Justice John Paul Stevens that he would retire at the end of this term gives President Obama the rare opportunity to make back-to-back appointments to the Supreme Court during the first two years of his presidency. When I gaze about our society, beholding in my mind’s eye [Read More…]