One Woman’s Conversion Experience (While Driving!)

A woman tells the story of her sudden conversion experience–which happened while she was driving her car. [Read more…]

If Your Family Has Attitudes This Time of Year, Use the Beatitudes to Stay in Good Cheer

Dreading upcoming family gatherings for the holidays? This reading of the Beatitudes just might quell your attitudes. [Read more…]

Protection from a witness program

Shame on this Christian—and on any Christian who does what he did. [Read more…]

Constantly Living the Great Commandment is Impossible — And That’s Okay

We simply cannot love God all of the time in the kind of all-consuming way prescribed by the Great Commandment. And God doesn’t expect us to. [Read more…]

The Comfort of the Cross

Here are six truths about suffering—and four steps to relieve it—that should prove comforting to any Christian in pain: God didn’t cause our suffering. God never, ever wants us to suffer. He hates it when we hurt. But we must sometimes hurt, because pain is an unavoidable part of the human legacy, period. God could [Read More…]

Doing Christianity vs. Being Christian

Here’s an expansion upon my Tweet o’ this morning that read: “Watch that you don’t sacrifice being a Christian for doing Christianity.” Sometimes I think that in our efforts to be all that we can be when it comes to Christ, we make Him entirely too complicated. As a means of proving that he loves [Read More…]

Sarah Palin and Lady Gaga: What They Have in Common, and Why (Hallelujah!) They’re Both Right

[Update: Just to be clear—because there seems to be some misunderstanding about this, for which I’m happy to take full responsibility—this piece is in no way meant as a commentary on either the political message of Sarah Palin, or the music of Lady Gaga. It’s simply a look at what I believe to be the [Read More…]

Is Christianity the Right Religion? Is Hell Real?

Lately I seem to have become Answer Guy. Which is cool, of course. More than cool; it’s an honor that people write me with the stuff they do. I appreciate those of you who follow my blog sort of tracking me while I answer this stuff (and of course via the comments helping out with [Read More…]

“Is the Devil Making Me Believe in a ‘Liberal’ God Who Isn’t the True God?”

“My problem is that on a deeper level, something inside of me is saying that the Christianity of my childhood is the true way. I have a nagging in the back of my head, saying, ‘ These liberal Christians aren’t Bible-centered. They aren’t right. Few will make it into heaven. Homosexuals will go to hell,’ etc., etc.” [Read more…]

Doubting Christ, Young Christian? Have At It!

Yesterday I received from a young man the following email: I was raised in the church, and have always believed in Jesus Christ. I have just returned from a month touring Europe with my two buddies, and since we’ve gotten back I’ve been feeling further from God than I’ve ever felt in my life. A [Read More…]