The Waning of the Tony “Psycho Was No Scarier Than I” Perkins Brand of Christianity

The piece I did on George Michael and his one-person Christian hate group went mondo-large. And in the swarm of responses to it came the criticism that it was wrong of me to say that for every one hateful, gay-bashing Christian there are two hundred loving, gay-affirming Christians. [Read more…]

Dan Savage Reviews “UNFAIR”

This morning I was happy to find in my inbox this review of UNFAIR, from Dan Savage: [Read more…]

¿Qué haría Jesús si lo invitaran a una boda gay?

Recientemente me han invitado a un par de bodas gays. Así que, con todo eso de ser cristiano, me hice la famosa pregunta “¿qué habría hecho Jesús?” (algo que no me pregunto muy seguido, en realidad, ya que Jesús podía, por ejemplo, levantar a los muertos y convertir al agua en vino, mientras que yo [Read More…]

George Michael hospitalized: Christians For a Moral America praying for his death

Word came out last week that George Michael, 48, was admitted to a Viennese hospital for severe pneumonia. (Though he has cancelled the remainder of the tour he was on, Mr. Michael is reportedly responding to treatment and slowly recovering.) [Read more…]

Could the Christian Right be more wrong?

Here’s a letter I recently received: Dear John, I spent sixteen years as a fundamental evangelical Christian, trying to get God to fix me. I studied theology and Biblical counseling for three years in the hopes of discovering what I was doing wrong that was keeping God from answering my prayers to make me straight. [Read More…]

Christian Parents of Gay Teens: You Don’t Have to Choose Between Your Love and Your Faith

Late this past Thursday night I got in this email: John, I have the most amazing friend I can ever ask for. He is an 18-year-old, gay Christian. He first came out to me in early June. Later that month his parents found out he was sneaking around with a guy, so they took him [Read More…]

To quote from Sodom and Gomorrah: “So don’t be gay.”

Maybe I just have a weird translation of the Bible. [Read more…]

“My gay Christian cousin committed suicide”

A few days ago I got in this letter: I recently found your website via a friend’s post on Facebook. I’m sure you hear that a million times a day. March 19th, my cousin died, likely from an overdose of prescription pain medications. I believe it was deliberate, considering he’d tried before—but we’ll never know [Read More…]

What “Is homosexuality sinful?” is really asking

The post you are looking for is here. Sorry for the inconvenience. [Read more…]

“So basically I’m gay. I clearly don’t know how to start this.”

Yesterday I got in a couple of letters from two different people, one right after the other. First came this, from a fellow named Blake (who said I could share his name): [Read more…]