Writing Jobs I’ve Had (And What They Paid)

In the comment thread of yesterday’s What Book Publishers Want Most, But Can’t Have, a reader wrote, “John, this is probably really rude of me to ask, but how do you make a living writing? I know it’s what you spend your time doing– thank God—but who pays you? You blog for Huffington, right? I know, [Read More…]

How To Become a Factory of Story and Article Ideas

One of my Big Points in yesterday’s More On How to Make A Living Writing was, “If you’re not pretty much an idea factory, you’re never going to make it anyway.” One of my more consistently perspicacious readers, “SamWrites2,” left a comment to that post. “Hi, John!” he wrote. “You know, I’ve been thinking. I need you. I want to [Read More…]

More On How To Make A Living Writing

[A follow-up to this piece is here: How To Write Stories & Articles That Sell. A short while back I did a multi-post series on how to make a living writing; the first of that series, unsurprisingly enough, is How To Make A Living Writing.] Yesterday I spoke before the large and active San Diego Christian [Read More…]

My Last, Best 10 Tips on How To Make It As A Writer

Take it seriously. It’s just about impossible to make a living writing, so doing so means Fanatical Focus. When I decided to start making a living a writing, I wrote (for free, for all kinds of local publications) every night after work for four to six hours, and throughout every weekend. Six months into that I was [Read More…]

How to Write, Part Three

First of all, I want to again thank everyone who wrote to express their sympathy for … well, what I wrote in My Stepmother Passed Away. I’m going to wait a day or two to see if any more such comments come in; I’ll then gather them into a single document and mail them to my father. [Read More…]

Writing: Don’t Get Me Started (or How to Make a Living Writing, Pt. 3)

I’ve been astounded by how many people have read my “How To Make a Living Writing,” and “How To Make a Living Writing, Part Two.” The tone and tenor of the comments left on those posts is truly gratifying. (I wish I had more time to respond to them, but lately I’ve been eyeball deep in a [Read More…]

How To Make a Living Writing, Part Two

This is a continuation–Part Two, as it were–of my recent post, “How To Make a Living Writing.” Part Three of this mini-series is Writing: Don’t Get Me Started. (A quick note to the reader who asked what I meant by incoming freelance work being “clean and useable.” Those aren’t industry terms, or anything: I only meant to [Read More…]

How To Make a Living Writing

Decide if you really want to make a living writing. If your primary interest in writing is to give expression to your innermost thoughts and feelings, and you don’t really care if anyone reads your stuff or not, that’s a beautiful thing. But if your goal is to have great numbers of people pay money in order [Read More…]