Cat Writes Our Lives

By way of some work I’m doing on All In … Almost (or, “Wow, Obnoxious Much?”), I went and found this poem, which I wanted to (and will) include in the book. It was written by my wife Catherine seven months before she and I were married. San Francisco Once, we lived in an old [Read More…]


I am too much aware of death and of its fanged bastard cousin suffering whose knowledge of me is, after all, intimate and who has ever taken pains to counsel me. But today is Thanksgiving And so away you ghosts and goblins endlessly chewing at my walls Away, please. For my wife sleeps on the couch before me having [Read More…]

I Saw

My vision hooked shut A blaring symphony of cells Look: separated, I have again summoned up this scintillating, antiquated carving knife its tip clicked off the stains of sins past now rusting its dull feathered edge its handle cracked like nerves thirsting It is this I use. It is always this I use to penetrate my [Read More…]

It’s Time For Us to be Brilliant Now

It’s time for us to be brilliant now To break through battered clouds It’s time for us to be brilliant now To cast off tattered shrouds It’s time for us to be brilliant now God’s bored, he cannot wait It’s time for us to be brilliant now It’s Him; it’s us; it’s late.   [Read more…]