Christians Smoking Pot?

In response to When Jesus, Drugs, and Lawrence Welk Collide, a reader wrote me to ask: “What’s your view on Christians smoking pot? Because the Bible never actually references it, and it is a natural thing given to the earth. Just wondering.” [Read more…]

When Jesus, Drugs, and Lawrence Welk Collide

What do these people think they’re singing about? (And, sadly, it’s clear that the gentleman introducing the singers is flat-out stoned. And as the song goes on, is the woman bouncing up and down just a tad … too rhythmically? No, you’re right. Probably not. Of course not. Never mind.) [Read more…]

Doctor Leaves Major Pot Stash in My Oven!

There we were, inspecting the townhouse we were going to buy. It was me, my wife Cat, our (superb!) Realtor (Hi, Lynda Cook if you read this!), and Tony, our frightfully knowledgeable house inspector. Cat and Lynda were sitting at the dining room table belonging to the [major health care provider with a thriving practice] [Read More…]

My Visit to a Marijuana Anonymous Meeting

Members of Marijuana Anonymous tend to think the world consists of three kinds of people: Normies, Stoners, and fellow members of Marijuana Anonymous. Normies can take pot or leave it. A puff now and then is cool, but if they run out of pot they don’t freak out. They’re just …  normal about it. Stoners [Read More…]

Proof People Get Stoned at Work

Here’s an email I recently received: Dear John: The other day a co-worker of mine suggested that he and I “smoke a doobie” together before going into work. I was appalled at the suggestion, and opined that no one in the world ever worked at their job while high on marijuana or anything else. To [Read More…]