Twelve Years of Rejected Short Stories, And Then This!

The other day I found on my Facebook page a brief supportive note from a woman whose name, Elaine Liner, I failed to place. Later that day it popped into my head: she was the woman who, in 1991, had published one of my short stories. I have no idea what the state is today [Read More…]

What Book Publishers Want Most, But Can’t Have

A continuation of the conversation I started with yesterday’s My New Book Has Taken Over My Head. Here are a few random thoughts floating through my head as I take a break this morning from working on my new book: What kind of stupid business am I in, anyway? Giving your book to an agent, so [Read More…]

My New Book Has Taken Over My Head

What I should do is kill this blog. It’s about my only hope for finishing the book I’m now writing, which is so important to me I can’t think about anything else anyway. Then again, stop blogging? Nayeth! I sayeth unto your eyeballs. The working title of my new book is All In … Almost: [Read More…]

My Interview with Writer’s Digest

About three months after my book Penguins, Pain and the Whole Shebang, came out, Writer’s Digest magazine contacted me for an interview. By way of planning for a special “Spirituality” issue of the magazine, they had asked their readers to recommend a book on the topic. A lot of people apparently named Penguins, and that’s [Read More…]

I Don’t See How I Could Possibly Be Famouser

I am happy to report that out of the literally tens of millions of documents available for downloading on, my collection, “My Funniest Stuff,” was chosen to display on Scribd’s front page. Doubt it, Thomas? Oh, yeah?! Then go to If the site hasn’t already crashed from all the other people no doubt [Read More…]

Let Me Entertain You; Let Me Make You Smile

[scribd id=15978488 key=key-bb0pu42q1iod1mg5xri]   I’ve bundled into an e-book 35 of my funniest blog essays, and made the 145-page collection available on for $6.99. You can see the book’s table of contents—and the first three or four of its pieces–by scrolling in the display above. Beside buying it, you can help the book by [Read More…]

My Breakfast With My Christian Book Agent

In which I pitch to my agent two SUPERB ideas for Christian books: “The Shaq,” and “The Porpoise Driven Life.” Is he lucky to have me, or WHAT? [Read more…]

Writers: Don’t Self-Publish; My Blogging Advice Bites

In response to my recent post, Overcoming The Harsh Realities of Book Publishing, a reader (hello, “Jim from far away Berlin”!) wrote to ask, “Do you think it is worthwhile to self-publish or write e-books for a new writer who doesn’t have a platform and wants to build a base? And do you have any tips about [Read More…]

Overcoming The Harsh Realities of Book Publishing

On Saturday, September 26, I’ll be conducting a workshop at the annual San Diego Christian Writers Guild  conference entitled “Overcoming The Harsh Realities of Publishing.” Since most of the conference attendees will be curious about getting published in the Christian book market, I’m sure its the “harsh realities” of that realm of publishing I’ll be expected to [Read More…]

“Penguins, Pain and the Whole Shebang” Sold to Korean Publisher

One minute you’re staring vacantly at your computer fleetingly wondering how long it’s been since you blinked, and the next you’re reading an email from your agent telling you that a Korean publisher has made an offer on one of your books. That’s what I’m happy to say happened to me, anyway. My book “Penguins, Pain and the [Read More…]