The Semicolon: Thumbs Up, or Down?

Do you think it’s time for the semicolon to go back to wherever it came from? [Read more…]

About Buying “I’m OK–You’re Not.” (And some other … babbling, basically.)

In response to some (lovely) e-mails I’ve received, I’d like to say that everything you read here about Penguins, Pain and the Whole Shebang is also true about I’m OK–You’re Not. Except these are the online places to buy I’m OK: Amazon Barnes & Noble Thanks. Oh, wait! There’s more! Pretty extremely apropos of [Read More…]

When punctuation makes the difference between a second date and a restraining order

Because I co-authored a book about punctuation, Comma Sense: A FUN-damental Guide to Punctuation,  I sometimes get e-mails from people pondering perplexing punctuational problems. A few days ago, I received one such note from a young man in high school, who wrote to ask why in the world anyone should have to learn punctuation at all. “It seems like [Read More…]