One Woman’s Conversion Experience (While Driving!)

A woman tells the story of her sudden conversion experience–which happened while she was driving her car. [Read more…]

The Curse of the Crappy Christians

Yesterday reader Mindy left a comment to The Laziest Christian in the World that I thought worth closely examining, because it so perfectly captures so much of what I know repels so many from Christianity. Mindy is easily one of  most consistently thoughtful, patient and articulate commenters on this blog. I’m hopeful she won’t mind having [Read More…]

I, a Rabid Anti-Christian, Very Suddenly Convert

The split-second before I very suddenly became a Christian I couldn’t have been less of a Christian if I had red horns, hoofs, and a long pointy tail. If anything, I was anti-Christian. The religion struck me as ridiculously immature, a way-too-obvious system designed mostly to capitalize on people’s guilt: Big Daddy in the Sky [Read More…]

“God Can Love Me or Send Me to Hell. But Not Both.”

Sitting at Starbucks yesterday I overheard the following exchange between two men I’ll call Bob and Dan. I recount it here not to make any point of my own, but because it perfectly captures the kind of logjam we Christians so often reach when trying to explain our beliefs to non-Christians. Dan: But that just [Read More…]