Church Authority, Smurch Schmashmority

Some guy with great hair and a magnetic personality heads a mega-church, and I’m supposed to think he’s got some kind of direct Bat-line to God?

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Twelve Things I Think About Christianity (in 150 Words or Less)

1. It’s ideal. 2. It asks or wants nothing of me. 3. It automatically tailor-makes itself to fit the mind and heart of each who claims it as his own. [Read more…]

The pain of the improving Church

In few respects [did Protestantism differ from Catholicism] more than in its establishment of the principle of an ongoing reformation. While most of the Reformers, once established, tended practically to resist extensions of reformation that would jeopardize their status and definition, almost all Protestants, at least nominally, assented to the idea that “ecclesia reformatat semper [Read More…]