“Then What Is Love To You, Anyway?” (From “All In … Almost”)

(More material I’ve written for my aborning book, All In … Almost.) I was twenty-three years old [when I got married]. As I write this, I am either fifty-one or fifty-two. (Maybe this will be the momentary uncertainty that for once in my life compells me to do some math! Maybe not.) As anyone who [Read More…]

The Moment I Met My Wife

When I saw my wife for the first time, I leaned against a wall for support. She had just turned in my direction after stepping off the elevator at the far end of the otherwise unoccupied dorm floor hallway in which I was standing like the Scarecrow with dropsy. I was twenty years old, and drunk. It [Read More…]

Top 10 Tips For Becoming a Better Husband

Thirty years of being married has taught me these ten things any man can do to make himself a better husband. Tip number one? Embrace your wrongness. [Read more…]

When Your Husband Derides Your Faith

In response to a recent post of mine entitled When You Love Someone Who Doesn’t Love Christ, a woman wrote me the following heartbreaking letter: John, I don’t believe that I happened across your blog by accident. I’m fairly new to the Christian journey, being a “recovering Catholic.” When my husband and I got married eight [Read More…]

My Wife and I Never, Ever Fight. I’m Too Close to God For Anything That Pedestrian.

A few people wrote to ask if a big fight between my wife Cat and me is what caused me to pen True Love: The Cruise Ship That Can’t Stay Afloat. I totally appreciate any concern ever shown me by any of my readers—it’s just the sweetest thing—but can you imagine? First you publish a [Read More…]


Cat’s radiologist reports that he saw no evidence of cancer on Cat’s M.R.I. She has some other stuff wrong that taken together presented exactly like cancer—but it’s not! The stuff that is wrong can be fixed. We’re not even worried about it. So we’re good! If you read yesterday’s post (5 Words That Completely Explain [Read More…]

5 Words That Completely Explain Why Men Hate To Talk About Their Emotions

It keeps their emotions pure. (By which I mean that men tend to sort of instinctively think that talking about their emotions can only degrade those emotions.) [Read more…]

No One REALLY Walks and Talks With Jesus

When speaking about matters of faith, we Christians use (duh: what else?) the only language available to us. But using language to capture the reality of God is like trying to use numbered children’s blocks to teach quantum physics. It’s simply insufficient for the job. By default, then, the language we employ to describe our [Read More…]

You Guys Are The Best: Thank You

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank those of you who, in response to Question of the Week: Does My Wife Have Cancer?, Waving Into the Dark, and God and I Discuss My Wife Having Cancer, wrote to send my wife Cat and me your prayers, love and personal stories sharing your [Read More…]

God and I Discuss My Wife Having Cancer

(After Question of the Week: Does My Wife Have Cancer?) Me: You know I have to sort of hate you now. God: I know. Me: It’s nothing personal. God: I know. Me: It’s the impersonality of death and suffering that makes it so blindingly infuriating. God: I know. Me: Makes it hard to believe you [Read More…]