One Woman’s Conversion Experience (While Driving!)

Candace, a reader from Wisconsin, wrote to tell me of her conversion experience. It’s as moving as anything like it I’ve ever read. Here’s what she had to say: Heading into 2007, I was in miserable shape. I had been a heavy drinker for 25 years. I had abandoned a 20-year career in a hospital laboratory [Read More…]

How My Unbelieving Wife Took The News of My Suddenly Becoming a Christian, cont’d

(If you’re just joining us, I’m driving my wife Cat home from the airport, and haven’t yet told her that while she was away I became a Christian. She suspects something is going on with me, though. I’ve thus far denied it (I didn’t want to tell her while I was driving). She, Highly Suspicious [Read More…]

How My Unbelieving Wife Took The News of My Suddenly Becoming a Christian

Whenever I tell someone about my sudden conversion to Christianity, they very often ask me what my wife thought of the change. “Hey, man,” I often respond. “It doesn’t matter what my wife thought of it. I’m the king of my castle. If I’d wanted to become an indoor pig farmer, my wife would be [Read More…]

The Happiest Ending EVER

This is the second, concluding part of yesterday’s First God Destroys, Then He Fixes. Both are mostly via text cut from the afterward of little book of mine called, Penguins Pain and the Whole Shebang.) It was at this point that I experienced yet another wonderful What The Heck Is Happening To Me? moment: My [Read More…]

First God Destroys, Then God Fixes

One day I was sitting at my desk at work during a totally typical weekday, feeling regretful about a particularly immature, semi-destructive thing I’d recently done, when this feeling started coming over me that in about four seconds had my undivided attention. “What the [bad word]?” I thought?. The next thing I knew, I was [Read More…]

What? Me, Contemptible?

So I’m sitting at my desk, and decide to do a little Major Speculating. And what I opt to start thinking about is the one thing that I’m afraid I always find pretty darn fascinating: Me. Actually, in those days (this is about ten years ago), thinking about myself and my life was something that [Read More…]

Neck Origami, Glowing Innards, and Pushing Around a Squeaky Little Cart

Good morning! Or whatever time it is when you happen to read this!I hope you had a wonderful Easter. Though of course it’s pretty hard not to, ‘eh? He is risen, indeed! I, on the other hand, could barely get out of bed this morning. But rise I did, because I’m a busy guy with [Read More…]

Saved In a Supply Closet. I’m So Sure.

My Most Dramatic Spiritual Conversion happened to me when I was 38 years old—and inside, as I’ve said, a supply closet at my job.  (You can read about the exact moment of that experience here, in a post of mine called, “The Happiest Ending EVER.”) A supply closet! At my job! Man. Talk about strange and mysterious ways. [Read More…]