Sarah Palin, the Truth Called. It Wants Its Books Back.

Being honest is a good starting point in building trust. — Sarah Palin On a Barnes and Noble display table I yesterday came across a short stack of the paperback edition of Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue. (You know how at a Barnes and Noble, or at any big bookstore, they have all those books displayed [Read More…]

Sarah Palin and Lady Gaga: What They Have in Common, and Why (Hallelujah!) They’re Both Right

[Update: Just to be clear—because there seems to be some misunderstanding about this, for which I’m happy to take full responsibility—this piece is in no way meant as a commentary on either the political message of Sarah Palin, or the music of Lady Gaga. It’s simply a look at what I believe to be the [Read More…]


Some of you have already seen these on my Facebook page; others of you wrote to ask if I’d in any way participated in the whole #Shakespalin phenomenon. I learned of the big Twitter fun yesterday afternoon as I was about to start making dinner, and naturally enough couldn’t resist taking a moment or two [Read More…]

If My Wife Were the NAACP, and I The Tea Party

From the website of the NAACP: Today, NAACP delegates passed a resolution to condemn extremist elements within the Tea Party, calling on Tea Party leaders to repudiate those in their ranks who use racist language in their signs and speeches. The resolution came after a year of high-profile media coverage of attendees of Tea Party [Read More…]

Five Pros & Cons About Sarah Palin.

1. Sarah is extremely good-looking. Pro: People automatically attribute all kinds of winning and noble personal characteristics (intelligence, wisdom, maverickyness, etc.) to the exceptionally good-looking. Con: It’s too easy for the exceptionally good-looking to automatically attribute such qualities to themselves. 2. Sarah is highly intelligent. Pro: Brains are good. Con: Highly intelligent people who don’t [Read More…]

Sarah Palin vs Paul’s Directive for Women to be Silent and Submissive

I spend five or six hours every day exploring Christianity with non-Christians. Doing that—being someone whom non-Christians trust enough to do that with—necessarily means being consistently honest about those aspects or practice of my faith that I have every reason to understand will be difficult for non-Christians to accept. One thing I never do when [Read More…]

Will God Forgive Me if I Don’t Vote for McCain?

Yesterday a visitor to my blog left this comment for me (on, weirdly, my “My YouTube Videos” page): “How could any ‘christian’ [sic] even consider voting for anyone other than Senator McCain!” In that challenge there’s much implied and assumed—but I doubt its author was looking for an in-depth conversation about, say, the differences between [Read More…]