Conservative and Liberal Christians: Winning! Losing!

I’d say the Christians I know are pretty evenly split between conservative and liberal. One of the things I like about the conservative Christians I know is how clear they are about what they believe and think. They know what the Bible says; they know who they are; they know what they’re doing in life. [Read More...]

About Buying “Penguins”

People have been writing to say that their local bookstores don’t carry Penguins, the book of mine about which I last blogged. I’m sorry, I should have said: by far the easiest way to get hold of that book is through an online bookseller such as Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. Small titles such as [Read More...]

Sprechen zie Penguins?

Yesterday I received in the mail a copy of DRAN, a thick, glossy German magazine for young, hip, twenty-something Christians. It was sent to me because right smack in its middle is a three-page excerpt from my book, “Penguins, Pain and the Whole Shebang: Why I Do The Things I Do,” by God (as told to John Shore). A [Read More...]