San Diego: Paradise, Up In Smoke

A dear friend of mine (hi, Steve — you dashing diva-maker, you) wrote to ask how I was doing, what with so much of the area in which I live being on fire, and all. “We east-coasters have no clue as to what you are going through,” wrote Steve. “God has you going through this for a reason, [Read More…]

Blog Burnout! Back October 8!

I seem to be suffering from Blog Burnout. Which makes sense, I guess: Over the last six months I’ve posted about 120 pieces here. So I’m gonna go persona non- bloggis until Monday, Oct. 8. See ya’ then! (Oh, I wanted to say. I would LOVE for anyone to go back and read some of the [Read More…]

Why Must Others Be Like Us?

Here’s a question: What is it within people that makes them so insane to have everyone else be as much like them as possible? What is that? Why do people care so much what other people do and think and believe? It’s easy enough for me, as a Christian, to say, “Well, the reason [we] [Read More…]

My Bad!

Okay, so there’s a guy named Byron Borger, who runs a truly quality independent bookstore called Hearts & Minds in Dallastown, PA. I know Byron because on his store’s website he once named my book Penguins, Pain and the Whole Shebang as a Best Book of the Year, 2006. (Specifically, he tagged it as one of [Read More…]

I’ll Be On The Radio This Morning

This morning, from 11:30 to noon (Pacific Time) on KDIA AM 1640, “Pastor Fred” will interview me and have me chat with listeners who call into his radio show Reaching For Life.  (You can also listen online.) For those of you who haven’t heard me on the radio before, this is an outstanding opportunity for you to check out the [Read More…]

Use Me, Baby

Hmmm. If you have any opinions about this one way or another, lemme know. I was just thinking about what to write next–and then I thought, “Well, heck. Maybe people have a preference.” Maybe! I’ll see! Which of the following do you most prefer I write about: a. Spiritually Insightful Christian Stuff b. Animal Stories [Read More…]

Learning About Where Others Live

Monday I posted a request (here) asking people to tell my wife Cat and me whether or not we should buy Our First House Ever where they live, and why. Here’s a summary of the responses we’ve thus far received: “Taryn” recommends to us Springfield, MO–to which I am automatically partial, since MO is the [Read More…]

Tell My Wife and Me About Where You Live, Please

Lately my wife Cat and I have been thinking about buying a home, because it looks like by the end of this year we’re going to have a little Actual Money, and enough with the renting already. The problem is that we can’t afford to buy a home in San Diego, where lawn mower shacks go for $350,000 — more if [Read More…]