#RacialJusticeEpiphany: Radical Grace in a History of Race

Clarence Jordan, the Southern Baptist radical who started an inter-racial farming community in Southwest Georgia in 1942, used to tell a story about a time when he was invited to preach at a big, fancy church in the city. The pastor showed Jordan around his mid-20th century version of a mega church, celebrating the merits [Read More...]

#RacialJusticeEpiphany: Listening in the Dark

This weekend, 47 years after Martin King’s death, America will pause to remember his life and witness. At celebrations in churches, community centers and town squares across the country, many will wax eloquent, remembering Dr. King’s Dream.   Amidst the accolades, it’s also important to remember what people were saying about Dr. King 50 years ago. [Read More...]