Augsburg Confession Article III On the Son of God

On today's program, I continued my discussion of the Augsburg Confession with Articles III, "Of the Son of God." I discussed Christological heresies, the two natures of Christ, the catholicity of the Lutheran reformation, and the connection between Christology and soteriology.Here is the program … [Read more...]

Original Sin and Free Will (AC II)

On today's program, I continued our discussion of the Augsburg Confession with Article II on the topic of original sin. I also discussed the nature of free will in connection to original sin.Here is the program … [Read more...]

The Ecumenical Creeds and the Augsburg Confession

On today's program, I continued my introduction to the Lutheran Confessions. I discussed the history and theology of the three ecumenical creeds, and spoke about the importance of the Augsburg Confession for the Lutheran tradition.Here is the program … [Read more...]

Responsibilities of the Christian Prince According to Augustine, Luther, and America

This lecture was presented at the 2016 Just and Sinner Conference from Rev. Dr. Eric Phillips on the topic, "Responsibilities of the Christian Prince According to Augustine, Luther, and America."Here is the podcast.You can watch the video here. … [Read more...]

Does the Bible promote abortion?

On today's program, I responded to atheist youtuber AronRa on the subject of abortion. He argues that the Bible does not prohibit abortion, and that Numbers 5 actually teaches that the Israelites were called to perform abortions. These assertions were demonstrated to be completely baseless.Here is the videoHere is the audio … [Read more...]

A Defense of Baptismal Regeneration in Response to Brian Schwertley

On today's program, I defended the doctrine of baptismal regeneration in response to a sermon preached by Rev. Brian Schwertley titled, "Sacramentalism refuted." I addressed the nature of the means of grace, how baptismal efficacy does not negate sola fide, and many other important issues. Check it out!Here is the audio.Here is the video. … [Read more...]

Thomas Aquinas and Thirteenth Century Scholasticism

On today's program, I continued my discussion of scholasticism through giving a historical overview of the thirteenth century, and Thomas Aquinas in particular. I discussed his most important writings and contributions to both theology and philosophy.This program is available in both video (with PowerPoint) and audio.Video is here.Audio is here. … [Read more...]

Today’s Podcast on my New Book: Hands of Faith

On today's program, I was joined by my wife who interviewed me about my new book Hands of Faith: A Historical and Theological Study of the Two Kinds of Righteousness in Lutheran Thought. I discussed several aspects of the Lutheran distinction between the two kinds of righteousness, including: contemporary discussions on the topic, the nature of the two kinds of righteousness in Lutheran history, the practical application of this distinction, and how this distinction is taught and explained in … [Read more...]

Christian Liberty, 2KR, and Infant Baptism

On today's program, I addressed a number of listener questions. I discussed Christian liberty and the use/non-use of alcohol, some thoughts on the two kinds of righteousness in relation to my most recent book, as well as the efficacy of regeneration as connected with infant baptism.I apologize for the not-so-great audio quality.Here is the program … [Read more...]

Q&A July 6, 2016

On today's program, I answered a number of listener questions on a wide variety of topics. I discussed Holy Communion, eschatology, Anglicanism, and other important subjects.Here is the program.I mentioned two previous programs I had done on the subject on purgatory. Here they are:Part 1Part 2 … [Read more...]