Original Sin and Free Will (AC II)

On today's program, I continued our discussion of the Augsburg Confession with Article II on the topic of original sin. I also discussed the nature of free will in connection to original sin.Here is the program … [Read more...]

The Ecumenical Creeds and the Augsburg Confession

On today's program, I continued my introduction to the Lutheran Confessions. I discussed the history and theology of the three ecumenical creeds, and spoke about the importance of the Augsburg Confession for the Lutheran tradition.Here is the program … [Read more...]

Two New Books by Charles Porterfield Krauth

Just and Sinner has just released two new volumes of the writings of the great American Lutheran theologian Charles Porterfield Krauth.Holy Baptism: Two Writings on the Subject No doctrine differentiates Confessional Lutherans from the broader Protestant world more than the conviction that regeneration comes through baptism. This volume consists of two treatises by Charles Porterfield Krauth on the subject.The fist work is "Infant Baptism and Infant Salvation in the Calvinistic … [Read more...]