Q&A March 2017

On today's program, I addressed a bunch of listener questions on a multitude of topics. Among these were: the theology of St. Augustine, the distinction between law and gospel, fellowship between Lutherans and Anglicans, and a rant about how obnoxious the anti-Lent facebook posts are.Here is the program. … [Read more...]

Responsibilities of the Christian Prince According to Augustine, Luther, and America

This lecture was presented at the 2016 Just and Sinner Conference from Rev. Dr. Eric Phillips on the topic, "Responsibilities of the Christian Prince According to Augustine, Luther, and America."Here is the podcast.You can watch the video here. … [Read more...]

Two Cities, Two Kingdoms: Augustine and Luther on Church and State

On today's program, I played a lecture by Eric Phillips titled "Two Cities, Two Kingdoms: Augustine and Luther on Church and State" from the 2016 Just and Sinner Conference.Here is the audio.Here is the video presentation. … [Read more...]

A Review of Matthew Levering's "The Theology of Augustine"

Augustine is undoubtedly the most prolific and influential writer in the history of the Western church. He is one theologian who Roman Catholics, Lutherans, and Calvinists alike cite as a primary influence on their varied theological traditions. Because of this fact, treatments of Augustine since the Reformation have often taken on a polemical tone, trying to place him into whatever theological framework one holds to. In this way, Augustine's ecumenical appeal has been both his greatest asset … [Read more...]

St. Augustine on the Law

"A law was not given that could give life, but which might show his sins to the sinner. For the sinner had forgotten himself, and saw not himself; the law was given him, that he might see himself. The law made him guilty, the Lawgiver freed him: for the Law-giver is the Supreme power... There is therefore a law of the mercy of God, a law of the propitiation of God. The one was a law of fear, the other is a law of love. The law of love giveth the forgiveness of sins, blotteth out the past, … [Read more...]

Calvinists are Not Augustinian

Calvinists often claim that their theology is not something which arose through the writings of John Calvin and Ulrich Zwingli. To support this thesis, they usually cite St. Augustine, the doctor of grace. Here are five reasons why I do not believe Calvinists are truly Augustinian in their soteriology. Though they can certainly cite him as an influence, the theology of Concord is much closer to that of Augustine and his early predecessors. 1. Augustine saw baptismal regeneration as essential for … [Read more...]