Five Scriptural Proofs that Baptism Saves

One of the uniquenesses of Lutheran theology in the broader world of Protestantism is the conviction that Baptism is not a mere sign, but an instrument of salvation. I have recently recorded a video on this subject, which serves as a basic introduction to the Biblical teaching on baptism.Here is the video … [Read more...]

Five Reasons Why Babies Should be Baptized

I recorded a video for my Youtube channel which gives five brief reasons why infant baptism is a biblical practice.Check it out here! … [Read more...]

A Study on Infant Baptism

This is a study guide that I prepared on the topic of infant baptism for confirmation students, but I thought that the material might be beneficial for anyone looking to lead any kind of study on the topic.Here is the PDF. BaptismStudyGuide … [Read more...]

Second Response to Rev. Schwertley on Baptismal Regeneration

On today's program, I continued my response to Rev. Brian Schwertley on the topic of baptismal regeneration. I discussed the relationship between faith and baptism, monergism and baptism, and other important issues.Here is the videoHere is the audio … [Read more...]

A Defense of Baptismal Regeneration in Response to Brian Schwertley

On today's program, I defended the doctrine of baptismal regeneration in response to a sermon preached by Rev. Brian Schwertley titled, "Sacramentalism refuted." I addressed the nature of the means of grace, how baptismal efficacy does not negate sola fide, and many other important issues. Check it out!Here is the audio.Here is the video. … [Read more...]

A Defense of Infant Baptism

On today's program, I spent the entire hour giving a defense of infant baptism. I went through the outline I used at a recent Bible study for my congregation. This was purposefully at a lay level, so please send this one to your baptist friends!Here is the program … [Read more...]

Outline for a Bible Study on Infant Baptism

 I'm currently doing a Bible study series in my congregation on the distinctive practices and teachings of the Lutheran church. Our first class was on the subject of infant baptism. Feel free to use this outline in your own congregation, or for personal study:    Why do we baptize infants?Whose work is baptism? Is it God’s work, or man’s work?The believer’s only Baptist view says that baptism is our work. Through baptism, we show to the w … [Read more...]

Response to James White on Baptismal Regeneration Part 3

On today's program I finished my response to James White's article "A Brief Rebuttal of Baptismal Regeneration." I discussed Acts 2:38 and the meaning of baptism "for the remission of sins," as well as the washing away of sins in Acts 22:16. We continued to demonstrate the false dichotomy presented by White regarding the efficacy of the cross and baptismal regeneration, and addressed his closing remarks in the essay.Here is the program … [Read more...]

Response to James White on Baptismal Regeneration Part 2

On today's program, I continued my response to James White'a article "A Brief Rebuttal of Baptismal Regeneration." We looked at several Biblical texts about baptism and continued to discuss the false dichotomy of salvation by grace or salvation through baptism.Here is the program Here is James White's original article: A Brief Rebuttal of Baptismal Regeneration. … [Read more...]

Response to James White on Baptismal Regeneration

On today's program, I responded to a short article by James White titled "A Brief Rebuttal of Baptismal Regeneration." I spent some time looking at the false dichotomy he sets up between salvation by the work of Christ and salvation through baptism. We then briefly examined some of the relevant Biblical texts.Here is the program. … [Read more...]