Five Lutheran Books that Every Christian Should Read

This is my most recent Youtube video.I am often asked about books that one should read in order to gain a better understanding of the Christian faith from a Lutheran perspective. In this video, I discuss five books that I frequently recommend. Along with these, I also recommend reading the Lutheran Confessions, which is the official doctrinal statement of the Lutheran church. These can be found on is the video. … [Read more...]

My New Book, “Baptized into Christ,” is Now Available

 What has God called me to do? How do I love my neighbor? What is my identity? How does the Christian faith impact my daily life? These are among the many questions answered in this book. Throughout this work, Jordan Cooper writes about the essential aspects of how to live as God's child. He writes about the importance of the sacraments, the difference between God's commandments and promises, how to follow Jesus, the nature and purpose of Christian worship, and the different types of … [Read more...]

A Lutheran Evaluation of Reformed Theology

My new book The Great Divide: A Lutheran Evaluation of Reformed Theology has just been released! Currently, it is only available on, but we be up on Amazon within the coming days. You can purchase the book here.Since the sixteenth century, the Protestant tradition has been divided. The Reformed and Lutheran reformations, though both committed to the doctrine of the sinners justification by faith alone, split over Zwingli and Luther's disagreement over the nature of the … [Read more...]

New Website for Just and Sinner Publications!

We have finished our new website for the Just and Sinner publishing division. Check it out here, and look forward to many great books coming in the future! … [Read more...]