The Christian and Nationalism: Examining Bonhoeffer’s Anti-Nazi “Bethel Confession”

 Post by Nathan RinneGod brings His Kingdom in Jesus Christ, so what is His attitude regarding earthly nations, or, “ethnos” (from where we get the word “ethnic”)?[i] Just what should the Christian think about a phenomenon that appears to be rapidly emerging once again: nationalism?This week, Albert Mohler devoted almost a whole show to stories related to the topic[ii], where he argued that in Europe there are “two forms of nationalism” – one healthy, concerned with matters o … [Read more...]

“Change or Die” or “Change and Die”?: As Pressure Mounts, What Should Christian Colleges and Universities Say?

Post by Nathan RinneI know for a fact that there are Christian universities and colleges in this country that are slowly going to hell. I mean that both figuratively and theologically.The pressure of the world – and its elites – is just too much. I guess Jesus Christ just does not provoke awe and reverence in the same way the world does.The world's elites seem genuinely shocked (give me a break) that Christians have the beliefs they have had for thousands of years (see this which hit … [Read more...]

Thesis: Only Theists Can Rationally Believe in American Values

Post by Nathan RinneI know that title is audacious. I'm like a moth who can't stay away from flames.I am ready to be challenged on this, and quite honestly, I don’t feel terribly strongly about the statement. But I suspect that it is true.Let’s see how I do in defending this. First of all, I take the following to be an American value: “We should work hard to make sure that each person, without exception, is treated with the inherent human dignity and honor that they deserve.” Maybe … [Read more...]

The Two Kingdoms are Not the Church and the State

Lutherans are known for their distinctions: law and gospel, sin and grace, saint and sinner, etc. One of these distinctions is that between the kingdom of the right and the kingdom of the left. In popular terms, this is often called the "two kingdoms," or sometimes the "two realms." In some contemporary discussions, particularly among Reformed believers, this is also sometimes called "Escondido Theology" due to the theology of several professors at Westminster Seminary in California who adhere … [Read more...]