Augsburg Confession Article III On the Son of God

On today's program, I continued my discussion of the Augsburg Confession with Articles III, "Of the Son of God." I discussed Christological heresies, the two natures of Christ, the catholicity of the Lutheran reformation, and the connection between Christology and soteriology.Here is the program … [Read more...]

The Mormon Doctrine of God

On today's program, I discussed the Mormon doctrine of God, and its differences with Christian orthodox Trinitarianism. I talked about monotheism vs. polytheism, exaltation to Godhood, theosis, Brigham Young's Adam-God theory, and many other important issues.Here is the program … [Read more...]

Problems with Mormonism: The Doctrine of God

Perhaps the most basic assumption of Christian theology is the contention that there is an ontological distinction between God and man. Divinity and humanity are of two essentially different kinds. This conviction underlies, not only Christianity, but Islam, Judaism, and other monotheistic faiths. That such a distinction exists is so basic to most theological systems that arguing for it might seem unnecessary. If God exists, he is certainly of a different genus, species etc. than man. To be the … [Read more...]

The Doctrine of Divine Simplicity and Contemporary Law-Gospel Debates

The doctrine of God does not tend to be a primary issue in contemporary Lutheran theological discussions. Apart from basic Trinitarian theology, Lutheran theological journals and publications tend not to emphasize Theology Proper, and specifically the attributes of God. I think there are a number of reasons for this. First, Lutherans tend to avoid overt speculation, and are somewhat reticent to utilize extensive philosophical categories at the expense of clear Biblical language. Second, … [Read more...]

Divine Simplicity

 On today's program I discussed the doctrine of divine simplicity and the attributes of God. This led to a number of topics surrounding the doctrine of God, including the eternal generation of Christ, contemporary challenges to classical Theism, divine immutibility, the current debates surrounding impassibility, and many other important issues.┬áHere is the program. … [Read more...]