How Can Christian Schools Shine in a “Doubling Down” World?

 Post by Nathan RinneIt has become a “don’t back down, double-down” world.Many increasingly feel like they are being pushed too far. The “other” is more so all the time… and there is felt to be little truth in them. As time rolls on we seem, as Charles Murray has put it, to be “coming [further] apart”.Tomorrow, several lawmakers plan on boycotting the inauguration of the President of the United States. In like fashion, pro-life woman, out of step with modern feminist ideo … [Read more...]

A Biblical and Confessional View of Missions: four-part workshop by Rev. Heath R. Curtis

I'm obligated to tell you that my sharing of this material does not necessarily constitute a plenary endorsement of every point contained or made therein by Just & Sinner dot com or by any of its affiliates. However, with that having been said...Every confessional Lutheran pastor, every elder, every astute layman, every teacher, et al, should read and study this four-part workshop on evangelism by Rev. Heath R. Curtis.But mostly the pastors.Here you go:Freed from the … [Read more...]