Resolved: Why We Should Recognize, not Emphasize, the Christian’s Freed, New Will

Post by Nathan RinneThere is a brutal honesty in the 16th century Lutheran Confessional documents. At one point, we are asked the question: “Who does not frequently doubt whether human affairs are ruled by God's counsel or by chance? Who does not frequently doubt whether he be heard by God?” Still, the God revealed in the Bible ultimately delivers faith and certain hope. In Jesus Christ, there is forgiveness, life and salvation. The sure and full transformation of the world – and we who bel … [Read more...]

How Christians Should Not Respond to the Paris Attacks

This past week has been a very difficult one for people throughout the world. Nearly 150 Christian students were killed in Kenya, and around the same number of innocent people were killed in France due to attacks from radical Muslims terrorists. Since these attacks, I have seen a number of different Christian responses. Many have been overcome with anger, and fear. I confess that I felt the same anger after these attacks. But there was one particular response that I saw shared around social … [Read more...]