The Formula of Concord

On today's program, I continued my walk through the Lutheran Confessions. I discussed the Formula of Concord including both the Epitome and Solid Declaration. I discussed the history and major teachings of these documents.Here is the program … [Read more...]

"Who's right, St. Paul or St. James?" The Formula of Concord on faith and its fruit.

When people try to undermine justification sola fide as it is taught in Romans with James chapter 2, all of the explanation you need can be found in the Formula of Concord, Article III.The question answered by James 2:20 is not "How is a man justified?" but rather "How do you see that a man is justified?" And the answer is: the same way you see that a tree is good. If someone is a Christian, you will see the effects (good works), and thus be able to induce the cause (faith). And relax! This … [Read more...]

What exactly is the problem with Gerhard Forde and the "Radical Lutherans"

UPDATE - Complementary Listening: "A Critique of the Theology of Gerhard Forde."Reposted from the Facebook.Starting in medias res...Since it was wisely stated by a friend that “every little skirmish isn’t as important as a few well-crafted contributions,” I have abandoned the skirmishes of the land of Comboxen for a time and undertaken to craft a more substantive contribution. I hope my efforts have not been in vain.For the record, there is no dispute concerning the articulus … [Read more...]