Is Jesus Christ the Anti-Social Justice Warrior Social Justice Warrior?

Post by Nathan RinneIs Jesus Christ a bona fide, Progressive-approved, Social Justice Warrior (SJW)?Or, to go to the opposite extreme, does Jesus, in Matthew 15:21-28 display abject prejudice and chauvinism -- or worse! -- to the Canaanite woman?You decide.Fascinated by this account and its message for us today, I have done a good deal of digging and invite you to examine the fruit of my – and others’! – labor.To say the least, whatever one decides about Jesus’ actions in … [Read more...]

New Release: Commentary on Matthew by Charles F. Schaeffer

The Lutheran Commentary Series is the first series of Lutheran commentaries written in English. These volumes were compiled by Henry Eyster Jacobs, who called upon the greatest Lutheran exegetes in America to write a series of commentaries on the New Testament. The first commentary was published in 1895, and the publications continued through the early twentieth century. These volumes cover the entirety of the New Testament.The volumes in this series are unabashedly Lutheran. Each author … [Read more...]