The Biblical Theme of Water

On today's program, I discussed water as a Biblical theme. I began with the Spirit hovering over the water in Genesis 1, and then discussed the flood, the crossing of the Red Sea, and Levitical washings. I demonstrated that all of these ideas are fulfilled in Holy Baptism.Here is the program.This is the previous program in the series on clothing.  … [Read more...]

Biblical Themes: Clothing

On today's program, I discussed the theme of clothing in the Bible. This discussion began with the theme of clothing in the Garden of Eden, and discussed the development of that concept in the Levitical law, the prophets, and in Christ.Here is the program … [Read more...]

Two New Books by Charles Porterfield Krauth

Just and Sinner has just released two new volumes of the writings of the great American Lutheran theologian Charles Porterfield Krauth.Holy Baptism: Two Writings on the Subject No doctrine differentiates Confessional Lutherans from the broader Protestant world more than the conviction that regeneration comes through baptism. This volume consists of two treatises by Charles Porterfield Krauth on the subject.The fist work is "Infant Baptism and Infant Salvation in the Calvinistic … [Read more...]