Millstones, Judas Iscariot, and the Little Ones

Post by Nathan RinneAs I hope you know, despite what you might hear from your Calvinist friends, Lutherans (and Luther) do not believe in double predestination. Even for Judas.So, what should we think about Judas' tragic demise? What lessons can we gather from it? The season of Lent is a good time to think about this. Years ago, I wrote this short piece, which I'm republishing at this time...Thanks be to God that the Church is called to administer the His Word and Sacraments – and n … [Read more...]

Q&A March 2017

On today's program, I addressed a bunch of listener questions on a multitude of topics. Among these were: the theology of St. Augustine, the distinction between law and gospel, fellowship between Lutherans and Anglicans, and a rant about how obnoxious the anti-Lent facebook posts are.Here is the program. … [Read more...]

Hollywood Moral Awareness vs. Christian “Ash Wednesday” Moral Awareness

Post by Nathan Rinne“The folly of a man perverts his ways, and in his heart he holds God to blame” --Prov. 19:3As Albert Mohler reports in a hard-hitting Briefing today, prior to the Oscars last Sunday night the Hollywood Reporter published an article titled "Oscar Winner John Irving Urges Hollywood to Get Political With 'Outright Bias'". In the article, Irving, echoing the 1960s philosopher Herbert Marcuse, pushes for his "artist community,"  to be "intolerant of intolerance". "In our co … [Read more...]

Five Reasons to Observe Lent

Among the varied groups that arose from the Protestant reformation, there are different practices regarding the utilization of the church calender, and subsequently, of the observance of the season of Lent. The Anglican and Lutheran traditions retained the traditional church calender with some modifications, and Reformed and Anabaptist groups rejected the observance of Lent. Every year, just before Ash Wednesday, a series of blog posts from different authors crop up against the observance of … [Read more...]