The Doctrine of Objective Justification

On today's program, I addressed the teaching of objective justification. I responded to some false understandings of this idea, and also responded to some criticisms. I overviewed some of the basic arguments for the teaching, and read citations from Lutheran theologians in the past on the issue.Here is the programThis is the critique of objective justification which I cited on the program: ATP Objective Justification.Also, this is the collection of citations put together by Rev. … [Read more...]

Augsburg Confession Article III On the Son of God

On today's program, I continued my discussion of the Augsburg Confession with Articles III, "Of the Son of God." I discussed Christological heresies, the two natures of Christ, the catholicity of the Lutheran reformation, and the connection between Christology and soteriology.Here is the program … [Read more...]

The Doctrine of Objective Justification

This is an excerpt from a book I am currently writing on the ordo salutis:Though traditional Reformation theology has emphasized the redemptive nature of Christ’s life and death, the resurrection has often failed to have a function beyond simply proving that what Christ did in his death was accepted by God the Father.[1] For Paul, however, Jesus was “raised for our justification” (Rom. 4:25). Luther expands upon this statement saying:His victory is a victory over the Law, sin, our flesh, th … [Read more...]

A lethal cocktail: down with Kokomo

One of the things I remember about my seminary years (before I dropped out) was reading a paper by Kurt Marquart defending objective justification - the teaching that[Justification] is the object of faith in that it is offered by God in the Gospel; it is the effect [of faith], to put it thus, in so far as grace having been apprehended by faith, the forgiveness of sins happens to us by that very act. (from Calov’s classic commentary on the Augsburg Confession, 1665)When I heard persons talk a … [Read more...]

Rev. Dr. Kurt Marquart: Clarifications on Objective Justification (1998)

Trawled from the now kaput blog of Rev. Paul McCain.Rev. McCain writes...From time to time, I hear that there are still some Lutherans who are very confused about the doctrine of justification, specifically the aspect of it known as objective justification, the teaching that God was in the world reconciling it to Himself through the death of His Son. This was an issue of some moment years ago when a dear friend of my mentor, Kurt Marquart, had a member of his congregation that was unduly … [Read more...]