Original Sin and Free Will (AC II)

On today's program, I continued our discussion of the Augsburg Confession with Article II on the topic of original sin. I also discussed the nature of free will in connection to original sin.Here is the program … [Read more...]

Question and Answer Program (December 2015)

On today's program, I answered a variety of listener questions on a large number of topics. I discussed liturgy, original sin, my favorite theologians, and much more.Here is the program. … [Read more...]

All Philosophy is Morality and Teleology – and Other Tacitly Known Truths?

Post by Nathan Rinne“In this is love, not that we have loved God but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins.” -- I John 4:10"If religions can be defined as 'doctrines of salvation', the great philosophies can also be defined as doctrines of salvation (but without the help of God)." -- Luc Ferry"[philosophy is like a religious conversion]... It involves "a total transformation of one's vision, life-style, and behavior."-- Pierre Hadot"Evolution is pro … [Read more...]

Eric Phillips’ Lectures from the Imago Dei Conference

Last month, I spoke at the Imago Dei conference with Rev. Eric Phillips at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Columbia, SC. His two lectures have been uploaded. I highly recommend watching:Sin and the Image of God: What Did we Lose in the Fall?Scylla & Charybdis: Steering a Course Between Mani and PelagiusI also recommend checking out Dr. Phillips' sermons and theology studies on his church's youtube page. … [Read more...]

All Things Dying: Why Even Grace-Promoting Pagan Elites are Ridden by the Devil

Post by Nathan Rinne Note: I am republishing this [slightly revised] book review I did in 2013 of Dreyfus and Kelly's All Things Shining (2011). I was interested to see the book mentioned often (not favorably) in James K.A. Smith's book How (Not) to be Secular: Reading Charles Taylor (2014), which deals in particular with Taylor's magnum opus A Secular Age. Re: the title, the answer is this: because only the risen Christ is Lord of all and the giver of all good gifts. That’s it.But the w … [Read more...]

The Doctrine of Sin

On today's program I was joined again by Rev. Lewis Polzin of Trinity Lutheran Church in Bemidji, MN. We continued to work our way through Henry Eyster Jacobs' A Summary of the Christian faith. We discussed chapter 8 on the doctrine of sin.Here is the program. … [Read more...]

"The Plague of Sin" and "The Cure of a Living Physician": Bad News and Good News from Blessed Doctor Luther

Original sin is not a quiescent thing, but a kind of continuous motion or entelechy, producing its own effects. It is not a quiescent quality, but a restless evil which labors day and night, even in those who sleep. We see it in nocturnal defilements. It is a restless animal, a beast which cannot stand still, yes, which must have its motions. This is simply the truth, original sin disturbs greatly. It moves man to avarice, disobedience, and other vices, even when he sleeps. For it always … [Read more...]

Lutherans Have a Weak View of Sin?

On a recent episode of the Reformed radio show "Christ the Center", Professor at Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia, Lane Tipton, discussed the differences between Lutheran and Reformed views of union with Christ and sanctification. According to Tipton, giving justification primacy in theordo salutis,(as in Lutheranism) necessitates a view of semi-Pelagianism. Only Calvinists can lay claim to Augustine's anthropology. If justification precedes other soteriological benefits, regeneration must … [Read more...]