Baptism is not the Replacement of Circumcision

It is a common aspect of Reformed sacramental theology that a parallel is made between the Old Testament rite of circumcision, and the New Testament sacrament of baptism. This connection is foundational for the baptismal theology of Ulrich Zwingli and the consequent reformed tradition. It is noteworthy, however, that such a strong connection does not appear in any significant sense in the church fathers. One might wonder then exactly why such a parallel became so prominent. It appears that the … [Read more...]

Five Scriptural Proofs that Baptism Saves

One of the uniquenesses of Lutheran theology in the broader world of Protestantism is the conviction that Baptism is not a mere sign, but an instrument of salvation. I have recently recorded a video on this subject, which serves as a basic introduction to the Biblical teaching on baptism.Here is the video … [Read more...]

Five Reasons Why Babies Should be Baptized

I recorded a video for my Youtube channel which gives five brief reasons why infant baptism is a biblical practice.Check it out here! … [Read more...]

Calvinism Leads to Credo-Baptism

Hence Calvinism narrows to the last degree any real difference between its own views and those of Anabaptists, or Baptists. In stating the points of controversy between Calvinists and Mennonites and other Anabaptists, the Calvinist divines constantly represent themselves and the Anabaptists as perfectly agreed, so far as the Baptism of the children of unbelievers is concerned.The Calvinistic argument against the Anabaptist objection to infant Baptism, constantly rests on the theory, that … [Read more...]