Millstones, Judas Iscariot, and the Little Ones

Post by Nathan RinneAs I hope you know, despite what you might hear from your Calvinist friends, Lutherans (and Luther) do not believe in double predestination. Even for Judas.So, what should we think about Judas' tragic demise? What lessons can we gather from it? The season of Lent is a good time to think about this. Years ago, I wrote this short piece, which I'm republishing at this time...Thanks be to God that the Church is called to administer the His Word and Sacraments – and n … [Read more...]

Introduction to Christian Doctrine Videos

I have begun a series of Youtube videos aimed at a lay audience introducing various aspects of Christian theology (from a Lutheran perspective). This is intended to be at the same level as Bible studies taught to my congregation. These are the videos currently available:What is the Ordo Salutis?The Distinction Between Law and GospelElection and PredestinationThe Two Kinds of RighteousnessPlease leave your thoughts and comments. I'd like to continue to make these videos. … [Read more...]

A Review of Peter Lombard’s “The Sentences” Book 1

Most of my reading tends to be related to my current writing projects. Because of that, I don't often have the time to read books that I just really want to read. When I do, I tend to gravitate toward Patristic and Medieval theology. Well, I finally had some time to do some reading just for fun and personal edification, so I decided to pick up a copy of Peter Lombard's The Sentences.Peter Lombard (1096-1160) is one of the most influential figures in the history of Western theology, yet for … [Read more...]

Interviews on the Five Points of Calvinism

I was recently featured in a series of interviews on issues etc. about the five points of Calvinism. Here are the programs:Total DepravityUnconditional ElectionLimited AtonementIrresistible Grace and Perseverance of the Saints … [Read more...]

Clarifying the Issue of Equal Ultimacy

I was asked by a reader to discuss the issue of equal ultimacy.Equal ultimacy is the idea that God predestines men to wrath in the same way that he predestines men to life. There is an exact parallel between election to salvation and reprobation. This position in Calvinist theology is labelled "supralapsarianism." God decrees both salvation and reprobation, and then decrees the fall as the means of bringing this about. This is distinguished from the "infralapsarianism" in which election and … [Read more...]